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Welcome, from Alan Hays

Lake County's Supervisor of Elections

It is an honor to serve as your Supervisor of Elections. The foundation of our Republic, The United States of America, is our elections system. We want to encourage participation from every citizen who is eligible to vote. 

Our complete team of professionals is dedicated to serve you.


Voter News Bulletin

Fraud Allegations: An Update from Supervisor Hays - Monday, November 15, 2021

As you may have recently heard, some individuals have questioned the accuracy of our active voter lists. 

Upon hearing these concerns, we encouraged those individuals to provide our office with the names of anyone suspected of any inappropriate elections behavior.

We wish to thank those citizens who have submitted names of people suspected to be erroneously on the active voter roll or whom may have violated other aspects of the Florida Election Code.  We continue to welcome submission of names if one has good reason to suspect the name should not be on our active voter listing.

Our staff has examined these submissions and so far, have determined each person in question is indeed legitimately on the active voter list.

We have also received a small list of records which we are researching in partnership with the Florida Division of Elections to determine the appropriate registration status of those persons.

Other submissions included names of people suspected of voting in more than one county.  Closer examination of those voter records determined these suspicions to be without foundation.

Our office is committed to maintaining all our voter registration database in complete compliance with Florida Statutes as has been our policy for many years.  The Florida Statutes are quite involved and may be perplexing to the persons not accustomed to working with them.

Please feel welcome to visit our website and sign up for a tour of our facility with one of our Certified Florida Election Professionals.  We are happy to show you the details of our operation and answer your questions about our processes.


Our Democracy, Our Priority: A Message From the Florida Supervisors of Elections--Wesley Wilcox - Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Our Democracy, Our Priority

The Great American Experiment, our cherished democracy, is under threat. Our nation is only as strong as the faith our citizens have that their voice, their vote, has a say in our government. In this hour, public trust in our elections is being systematically undermined, to the detriment of all Americans.

As election professionals, we have sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Our Constitution is built upon the idea that “we the people” choose our government. We put that idea into practice through elections. It is the foundation and core unifying principle of our democracy.

As the official trusted sources of election information and experts in our fields, we continuously strive to debunk false claims, and ensure voters have access to accurate election information. We are dedicated to the cause of election integrity, ensuring that every eligible voter’s ballot is counted accurately and that no fraud takes place. But false claims of fraud do not strengthen our elections. Instead, they degrade confidence in the institutions, and discourage citizen participation in our democracy.

During and after the 2020 Presidential Election, the integrity of our democracy has been challenged by misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation that sows discord and undermines trust in America’s electoral process. Many of us have been threatened by our fellow citizens who have been led astray by these deceptions.

Instead of standing idly by, we ask all candidates and elected officials to tone down the rhetoric and stand up for our democracy. We ask that you work with us to understand the safeguards implemented to ensure elections are conducted fairly, securely, and accurately.

In the Gettysburg Address, President Lincoln proclaimed that the American people must dedicate themselves to ensuring that “Government of the people, by the people, for the people must not perish from the Earth.” It is through elections that government by the people is accomplished. To this end, we call on officials at all levels of government to commit themselves to the goal of fighting falsehoods and strengthening voter trust. We can rise to this challenge. Our democracy depends on it.



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Lake County Supervisor of Elections Warns Of Potentially Misleading Mail-Out

January 22, 2020

Tavares, FL- Lake County Supervisor of Elections, Alan Hays, is once again warning citizens of Lake County about potentially misleading materials they could be receiving in the mail.  These mail-outs often include Florida Voter Registration Applications with information pre-filled and are addressed to informal names, children under voting age, pets, and deceased family members.  
These letters originate from the Center for Voter Information (CVI) and their sister companies, organizations not associated with the Florida Division of Elections or the Lake County Supervisor of Elections.  The CVI generates address lists for these mailings from outdated and often incorrect data, which can lead to confusion regarding eligibility for voting, especially among voters who are already registered.  Lake County voters who know they are registered are urged to confirm their voter record by using the Voter Information Lookup Tool on the Supervisor of Elections website:, or by calling their office at 352-343-9734, and to not rely on the information printed on these pre-filled mailed-out applications.  Voters are also encouraged to contact the Center for Voter Information and ask to be taken off their contact list.  Their address and phone number are as follows:  800 Ocala Road, Suite #318, Tallahassee, FL 32304 or call 866-290-1599.
For those wishing to register or update their record, the Florida Division of Elections online portal is available at Otherwise, applicants may access the Florida Voter Registration Application forms at the Lake County Supervisor of Elections office, area libraries, and at the tax collector’s driver’s license offices.  Registering in person is the best way to confirm that the application is received, and information is correct.  
Important registration deadlines are approaching for the 2020 Presidential Preference Primary slated for March 17, 2020.  “Our registration books close on February 18th for the 2020 Presidential Preference Primary and we want to ensure that voters who plan to vote in the election are registered,” stated Hays. This election is a closed primary election, meaning only those registered with a major party will be eligible to vote.  The exception is the cities of Eustis and Groveland will have initiatives on the ballot.  Registered voters who live within the city limits of those two cities will be eligible to vote on those items regardless of party affiliation.  Those wishing to register or update their party affiliation must do so by the book closing date.  Polls will be open on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  “It is so important for voters to utilize our office as a resource for accurate information regarding their record, instead of unaffiliated groups who may not have up-to-date information,” Hays further commented.  
The Lake County Supervisor of Elections office has been conducting outreach activities at area city halls, libraries, festivals, and events all throughout the year.  They also utilize their social media channels to share information regarding upcoming deadlines, election dates, and other important information.  “We welcome your questions and want to assist everyone with their voter services needs,” shared Hays.  

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