Lake County's Supervisor of Elections

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Get Involved


It takes a large team to ensure that an election runs smoothly. From helping residents register to vote, to assisting on Election Day, volunteers play an important part in the process.

To learn more about volunteering for the Lake County Supervisor of Elections, email hays@lakevotes.com or call 352-343-9734.

Become an Election Worker

Election workers are required to attend at least 2 hours of training (at least 3 hours if holding a higher position) prior to each election that he or she is serving. An election worker is paid, and must be a registered qualified elector of the county in which they are serving.

Election workers must be able to read and write the English language. Bi-lingual speakers (especially those who speak Spanish) are encouraged to apply and serve.

For more information about becoming an election worker in Lake County, contact the Supervisor of Elections Office at hays@lakevotes.com or by phone at 352-343-9734.

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