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All signed initiative petitions are to be returned to the sponsoring political committee. The signed forms must then be submitted to the Supervisor of Elections' office in the county of residence of the signee in accordance with Rule 1S-2.0091, Florida Administrative Code. The sponsoring political committee is responsible to ensure the signed forms are filed in the proper county or if misfiled, forwarded to the proper county. Supervisors have 30 days from date of receipt to check and verify the signatures and report the number of valid verified signatures to the Division of Elections. To ensure that all signed forms are verified prior to the deadline, it is recommended that committees submit forms to the Supervisor of Elections as far in advance as possible. Petition signatures are good for two years from the date signed.


Pay for Cost of Verification

It costs seventy-eight cents (78¢), or the actual cost, whichever is less, to check signatures. The sponsoring political committee must pay the Supervisor of Elections at the time the petitions are submitted. If it poses an undue burden on the committee to pay for verification, the committee can waive the fee by submitting an Affidavit of Undue Burden (DS-DE 19D) to the Division of Elections. The Division will then circulate the oath to each Supervisor of Elections. 

Note: An undue burden affidavit cannot be filed if the committee pays any person to solicit signatures (see Section 106.191, Florida Statutes). If an undue burden affidavit has been filed but the committee later pays any person to solicit signatures on a petition, the affidavit is no longer valid. The committee must then pay the Supervisor for all past signature checks and any signatures submitted thereafter. Also, if the committee receives any monetary contributions, the committee must first reimburse the Supervisor for any signature verification fees that were not paid because of the affidavit (see Section 99.097(6), Florida Statutes, and the note at the top of DS-DE 19D - Affidavit of Undue Burden).


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