Election Worker Positions and Pay Rates

All Election Workers are appointed and must successfully complete all REQUIRED online and in-person training sessions and assessments. The following outlines Election Worker positions and rate of pay.

Clerk: Responsible for the management and operations of a precinct on Election Day / Early Voting. Provide and maintain quality customer service to the voters. Complete required paperwork. Pick up and drop off precinct supplies.

$235 Election Day / $15.00 per hour Early Voting.

Assistant Clerk: Provides assistance to the Clerk and must be ready to take on the full responsibilities of the Clerk if the Clerk is unable to work on Election Day / Early Voting.

$160 Election Day / $12.50 per hour Early Voting.

Inspector: Responsible for properly processing voters, issuing ballots, setup and breakdown of voter privacy booths and assisting the Clerk and Assistant Clerk with preparing the facility for voting, as well as cleaning up after the polls close. There are various types of inspector positions available. Contact our office for more information on the Inspector roles.

$135 Election Day / $11.00 per hour Early Voting.

Technician: Responsible for assisting voters at the tabulating machine (DS200) and instructing voters on how to properly insert their ballot, and transmits vote data to the elections office on election night.

$205 Election Day / $11.00 per hour Early Voting.

Poll Deputy: Responsible for activities outside of the polling area. this includes monitoring the parking area, posting precinct polling place signs, removing illegal campaign signs, assisting voters with locating the entrance, opening door and providing assistance with setup and cleanup of polling place.

$130 Election Day / $11.00 per hour Early Voting.

All positions are paid an additional one-time stipend of $40.00 for successfully completing all required training. To receive the stipend you must work either Election Day or Early Voting.



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