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Welcome, from Alan Hays

Lake County's Supervisor of Elections

It is an honor to serve as your Supervisor of Elections. The foundation of our Republic, The United States of America, is our elections system. We want to encourage participation from every citizen who is eligible to vote. 

Our complete team of professionals is dedicated to serve you.


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High School Voter Registration Challenge 2021

Our office is excited to be administering the 2021 High School Voter Registration Challenge from November 15th-December 4th. Lake Minneola High School will be defending its 2020 title and trophy!

The challenge is an opportunity to encourage students,16-18 years of age to engage in their civic duty by pre-registering or registering to vote. Posters and fliers with QR codes are posted at all eight of the school district's high schools. Students can simply scan QR codes to either access a registration tutorial or go directly to the registration site.

This is also YOUR opportunity to get involved by inspiring these future voters. Take the time to discuss the importance of being an informed voter and how every vote makes a difference. Don’t delay the conversation! Take your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or even your neighborhood student for a drive, burger or ice cream run and share your own voting experiences. Grab the chance to make a terrific memory!

We would like to thank all of our High School Principals and their teams for their support of the High School Voter Registration Challenge! We are looking forward to working alongside you for this event!

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