Vote-by-Mail Ballot Mailouts Continue through August 10th

Sample Ballots are now available at this link: Voter Information Form

Sample Ballot Mailout is on July 29th 

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A Message from Alan Hays

Lake County's Supervisor of Elections


In this month of July, we all celebrate the founding of our nation and the bravery and commitment to freedom of those founding fathers in 1776. May we never ever take for granted the courage and the fortitude that it took for those men and women of that day to stand up boldly for the cause of freedom. Let each of us honor their sacrifice by passing on to the coming generations our respect and appreciation for those sacrifices. 

In this 24-hour news cycle world that we are living in, being an astute voter has never been more important. Election offices throughout our great state, including our own are on the forefront of a battle against election administration misinformation.

I and my team take great pride in the work that we do and, in our ability, to conduct accurate and efficient elections with transparency. For more than five years we have offered community members the opportunity to schedule a tour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, schedule permitting, of our facility. We recently held an open house event which was tremendously received by attendees.

Our desire to reach and arm more voters with facts instead of fiction was fueled by our successful open house.  The idea of a virtual tour was born and is now available on our website at Virtual Tour

There are four virtual tour segments, and I would like to encourage you to watch each one. I also want you to invite your children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, that young person next door to watch with you. Being a voter isn’t enough. We must also raise up the next generation of voters.

I’d like to thank the team of SouthLake.TV  who made this virtual option possible for our community. Our right to vote is one of our most important civil rights. Being an informed voter honors all those who gave us that right and the privileges we enjoy today.

Thank you for the privilege of serving as your Supervisor of Elections.


Election Night Results



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Upcoming Important Dates

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Reasonable Access-Inspection of Ballots

The Reasonable Access process has been designed to comply with
FS 101.6104 and 101.572 regarding inspection of Vote-by-Mail Ballots.


Those Authorized for Reasonable Access for Inspection of Ballots are:


  • Candidate or Authorized Designee

  • Political Party Official or Authorized Designee

  • Political Committee Official or Authorized Designee


Those authorized must complete the Inspection of Ballots-Reasonable Access Affidavit. 

Inspection of Ballots-Reasonable Access Affidavit (English)

Inspection of Ballots-Reasonable Access Affidavit (Spanish)

Those authorized must provide photo-identification and must turn in the completed Inspection of Ballots-Reasonable Access Affifavit to the Supervisor of Elections employee liaison. Substitutes will not be allowed. If a requestor is unable to make their appointment, the time slot is forfeited.

Those authorized may not begin the inspection process until the start time of their appointment and may not exceed the 45-minute appointment timeframe, even if they are late to their appointment.

Making An Appointment


Those authorized must make an appointment.

Same day appointments may not be scheduled in order for the Supervisor of Elections staff to prepare files for review.

There is no limit to the number of overall appointments those authorized may schedule. However, a maximum of two (2) appointments may be scheduled on the same day per party, candidate, political committee member or their assigned designee.

To schedule a Reasonable Access appointment select the following link:  Reasonable Access Appointments

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