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Welcome, from Alan Hays

Lake County's Supervisor of Elections

It is an honor to serve as your Supervisor of Elections. The foundation of our Republic, The United States of America, is our elections system. We want to encourage participation from every citizen who is eligible to vote. 

Our complete team of professionals is dedicated to serve you.


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Lake County Supervisor of Elections Cautions Residents

Voter Intimidation

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Lake County Supervisor of Elections (SOE) Alan Hays would like voters to be alert to individuals or groups posing as representatives of the SOE. “We’ve been made aware of door-knockers that are seeking voter information through deceitful means and probing questions in neighboring counties and states.” said Hays.

Election Security

Lake County Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays Addresses Election Security

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Lake County SOE Alan Hays addresses election security in the first of several articles.

Canvassing Board Meeting Cancellation

Canvassing Board Meeting Cancellation

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Howey – In – The – Hills,

The Lake County, FL Canvassing Board meeting scheduled for 2/10/2021 at 8:30 AM has been cancelled. The next Canvassing Board meeting is scheduled for Friday, 2/12/2021 at 8:30 AM.

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